Zahra loves her support work

Support worker Zahra has been with Jubilee Community Care since April. She loves the change from her work as an electrical engineer overseas.

What attracted you to work in aged care? It’s really heart-warming to be in somebody’s life and to be able to help make a positive difference to their day. I am grateful I found a job as a home support worker because I feel more satisfied when I can put a smile on people’s faces. For instance, when my clients give me positive feedback about my work, I am on top of the moon. I’m personally a very caring person and I do my best to provide them with the highest quality of care and support. And I was attracted to Jubilee because of its values, community and flexibility.

What do you do in a typical day of support work? I assist clients in several ways including helping to prepare meals, doing cleaning as well as personal care, and taking them on outings or to appointments. Every client is different, has different needs and I love that I can support them in the individual ways they require.

Do you have any hobbies or life experiences that you draw upon in your support work? My hobby is cooking and I would like to share it with other people as I am from a different culture with different cuisine and recipes. Also, I enjoy walking with elderly clients – it makes me happy when they are active and healthy.




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