Quality Care Advisory Body update

Jubilee Community Care’s new Quality Care Advisory Body has had its first meeting. The Body, now mandatory for all aged care service providers under recent changes to The Aged Care Act 1997, aims to provide the Jubilee Community Care Board with feedback for improvements to our services.

Jubilee’s Body is led by client coordinator Jean Yan and includes Jubilee clients, or their family members, Lorna, Miriam, Graham and Michelle. Jubilee is still seeking more members willing to share their experiences and offer feedback.

Mrs Yan said the aim of the Body was to increase the transparency and accountability of what Jubilee does and to improve the leadership and culture of the organisation. “The Body will provide the Jubilee Board with a report about the quality of care and services every six months, assisting the Board to consider that feedback when making decisions about the quality of aged care provided through our services,” Ms Yan said.

“I think this opens up another channel to empower our clients to make choices and live the life they want with assistance from Jubilee. In our first meeting we touched on the changes in Aged Care Quality Standards, and increased surveillance on the trends of incidents, infection, risk management and feedback.”

Each of the clients or their family members have their own reasons for being part of the Quality Care Advisory Body. Jubilee is delighted to have them all.

Lorna and her late husband Brian started with Jubilee in 2017 and were attracted to the organisation because it was local and offered both continuity of carers and times of care. “I accepted the invitation to join the advisory body as one who has experienced, and has a better understanding of, the highs and lows of (Jubilee’s) past,” Lorna said. “Like any organisation, to grow and function to its highest level Jubilee needs feedback from those on the receiving end to keep on giving the best care.”

Miriam, who began services with Jubilee in 2018 after attending one of our community forums, was formerly the president of the Independent Education Union and a teacher for many years. “I am used to thinking about things in a corporate way,” she said. “I also don’t have anything like that in my life anymore and this gives me a little bit more of an academic interest. I think a group like this is critical to the effective running of an organisation.”

Michelle is keen to participate in the Body as a way of giving back to the wonderful team at Jubilee. “It’s not only about the amazing care for my parents since 2016,” she said. “I really couldn’t have navigated through the complexity of My Aged Care and other government processes without Jubilee’s guidance and support.
“My father no longer receives home care as he’s recently moved into residential care. He’s still being well supported by Jubilee in outings and external activities, which is why I’m particularly interested in aspects of ongoing quality care for private clients. It’s also a great opportunity to be part of lovely group, learning about each other and what goes on behind the scenes as well. It continues to be an interesting journey, and I’m once again really thankful for how approachable and inclusive everyone is at Jubilee, including the other Body members.”

Newest member Graham has been with Jubilee since 2021. He has a long and acclaimed career in health including many years on the Board of the Australasian College of Health Service Management. His work in the corporate and community sectors saw him awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia. “Part of my career was managing a significant aged care service and I was a district manager with Queensland Health,” Graham said. “My career in health for a 30-year period covered community care, disability, aged care and acute care. With that sort of background I thought I may be able to assist with the advisory body.”

Jubilee is still seeking expressions of interest from clients and/or their families to join our Quality Care Advisory Body. The meetings will be held bi-monthly online on the Microsoft Teams platform. If you would like to be part of the Body but do not have Microsoft Teams or experience with it support can be provided.

If you would like to join the Quality Care Advisory Body or find out more information email admin@jccagedcare.org.au or phone Jubilee on 3871 3220.



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