Our Staff

At Jubilee Community Care, we are proud of our record in employing and retaining staff who are caring, well-trained and provide older people and their families with education and support. We achieve this by:

  • providing comprehensive training and support to staff
  • valuing and respecting our staff
  • compensating our staff for their work at the highest possible rate.


We are a leading organisation for the management of chronic illnesses including dementia with older people in Brisbane.  We provide regular training to all our staff and we keep abreast of research in this area, and apply it where possible with our clients.  Most importantly, we are compassionate, understanding and patient with our clients who have dementia.

All of our staff are empowered with comprehensive training, which assists them to undertake their roles in a professional and caring manner.  We assist interested staff to complete their Certificate 3 and Certificate 4 in Aged Care services.  Staff are encouraged to suggest training topics and staff-driven training occurs on a regular basis. These topics include, but are not limited to, falls prevention, chronic illness management, medication management, wellness and enablement.


We do not rely on a pool of casual employees.  The majority of our staff are permanent and our work life balance is something that the management team encourage all employees to embrace with flexible work options available. It is important to Jubilee to nurture relationships between staff, clients and their families as being supported in your own home is something that takes great trust and therefore we invest in the right people for you. Our team takes great pride in matching support workers to clients based on schedules, needs and skills. By having a permanent team we are able to provide continuity in our clients’ care.


Shaun Riley ~ Executive Director

Contact Shaun on 07 3871 3220 or by email.


Mardy Abeydeera ~ Finance Manager

Contact Mardy on 07 3871 3220 or by email.


Sharon Forbes ~ Care Services Manager

Contact Sharon on 07 3871 3220 or by email.


Nicky Panagopoulos (RN) ~ Senior Client Care Coordinator

Contact Nicky on 07 3871 3220 or by email.


Leigh Willett ~ Client Care Coordinator

Contact Leigh on 07 3871 3220 or by email.


Lorraine Kiss ~ Client Care Coordinator

Contact Lorraine on 07 3871 3220 or by email.


Jean Yan ~ Client Care Coordinator

Contact Jean on 07 3871 3220 or by email.


Diane Evans ~ Human Resources Manager

Contact Diane on 07 3871 3220 or by email.


Deanne Garner ~ Human Resource Officer

Contact Deanne on 07 3871 3220 or by email.


Vicki Burden ~ Activities Officer

Contact Vicki on 07 3871 3220 or by email.


Fran Cox ~ Activities Assistant

Contact Fran on 07 3871 3220 or by email.


These staff, part of a wider team of dedicated professionals working behind the scenes, support our skilled team of more than 60 committed support workers who are in our community supporting our clients.

Every year our clients are provided with a poster of our staff. This enables them to know who they are speaking to and who will be supporting them in the office and in their homes if they haven’t been introduced yet.

We are always on the look out for caring people to join our team.

We would love to hear from you!