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Home security tips for the summer

The hot summer days and nights are continuing, and police are reminding seniors to be vigilant in securing their homes and vehicles. Queensland Police Inner West Crime Prevention Unit Acting Sergeant Paul Bagnall said taking some key steps could protect you from thieves.

Acting Sgt Bagnall, based at Indooroopilly Station, said it was vital to ensure security screens and doors were locked if windows and doors were left open for ventilation. Locking up and removing keys from internal doors and windows when you are not at home was also essential, he said. Other tips from Acting Sgt Bagnall include:

**  Securing your vehicle at all times. Valuable items should be taken with you or locked in the car glove box or boot out of sight.
**  If you need to leave a door or window open for ventilation, consider installing a security screen.
**  If in a multi-story residence, don’t leave ground floor windows or doors open or unlocked.
**  Keep car and house keys and other valuables out of sight and away from windows and doors.
**  If you’re in the garden, make sure windows and doors at the front of the property are secure.
**  Ensure that any side entrance is secure, locked and not easy to climb over, even when someone is at home.
**  Consider installing a visible security light or alarm to deter criminals.
**  Going on holiday? Make arrangements to make sure the house appears occupied even though you are not there. Put lights on a timer or ask a neighbour to come and pick up mail and draw curtains.

The Inner West Crime Prevention Unit offers free home security audits if you are concerned about your security. For more information or to book an audit phone 3377 9405 or 3377 9421.




Seniors – do you need help online?

Do you have a computer, mobile phone, Ipad or other tablet device you would like to use for the first time or with more confidence?

Jubilee Community Care can assist you with support workers available to provide one-on-one lessons across a variety of technologies.

It might be you want to join Jubilee’s online programs, keep in touch with family or friends over video chats or email, learn how to order your groceries or other items online, play games to keep your mind active or do other activities online.

If this is you, or your loved one, please contact us. Phone the Jubilee office on 3871 3220 or email to find out more.



Celebrations as Jean turns 100

Jubilee Community Care client Jean joined an exclusive club on February 25 when she celebrated her 100th birthday. Jean was the centre of attention at a party that included family, interstate visitors and longtime friends.

Daughter Juleen said Jean was thrilled to have marked the milestone. “My daughter Ainslie, who lives in London, and my son Warwick who lives in Canada, Jean’s only grandchildren, flew over for the special week,” Juleen said. “Also there were old neighbours and friends mum hadn’t seen in 30 to 40 years, but they had always kept in touch so it was very exciting and quite overwhelming for her.”

Juleen said Jean loved receiving her letters of congratulations from Her Majesty the Queen, the Governor General, Prime Minister, Lord Mayor and local politicians. “She was thrilled she actually made it to 100 and has had a wonderful week of celebrations.”

Jean was born in Brisbane in 1920 soon after her parents arrived from England. She grew up in Sherwood, attending Sherwood State School and St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School. Jean had her own hairdressing business before the family moved to Darwin. Moves to Sydney and Adelaide followed before Jean and her family returned to Brisbane in 1970.

And Jean’s secret to old age – “Eating vegetables – the more the better,” Juleen said of her mother’s practice. “Though never a vegetarian, no meal was complete without at least four or five different vegetables,” she said. “In fact, though she is no longer able to type or correspond, when Jean’s grandson created an email address for Jean many years ago he made her password Veggies!”




Bin collection services for seniors

Did you know Brisbane City Council can arrange for rubbish bin collection from within your property if you are infirm, you have a physical or sensory disability, no able-bodied person lives at your address, and the collection point for your bins will not pose a potential safety risk to staff.

To apply for bin collection assistance, phone the council on 3403 8888.