Tips to prepare for winter cold

The months are starting to cool down so now is the time to prepare for a warm and healthy winter.There are several tips you can take to keep the cold at bay and to make sure you are as healthy as can be.

Have your electric blankets or heat pads, heaters and other electrical items to keep you warm tested by a qualified electrician to ensure they are safe to use. This reduces the risk of your product being a fire hazard. It is also wise to get your smoke alarms tested annually.

Practice good hygiene to keep winter colds and flus at bay. Keep a bottle of hand sanitiser in your purse for when you are out and about or regularly wash your hands. A flu shot also is valuable.

While it may be tempting to stay cosy and warm keep up some form of exercise. Getting outside for some vitamin D is essential for older people and taking a walk or some other form of exercise is good for your health and your spirit.

Keep up a nutritional diet. Soups, casseroles and other hearty winter meals are perfect during the colder months. Make up a big batch which can be stored in the freezer for later.

Make sure you have enough winter bedding. Flannelette sheets, a warm quilt or a blanket will make all the difference to your quality of sleep, particularly around sunrise when the temperature is at its coldest.

Ensure your socks, dressing gown and slippers are in good condition. A dressing gown that is too long or slippers which have damaged soles can lead to trips or falls. Wear warm clothing and dress in layers.



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