Resilience is key to moving forward

Welcome to the winter edition of The Jubilee newsletter! I’m both optimistic and hopeful that the colder weather will now mean less rain and a chance for us all to dry out.

2022 – It’s a storyline no movie maker would contemplate – a major flood in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and then more rain as an entree to a virulent influenza virus as we enter winter. Yet together we have all lived it, we still live it and will do so for some time to come. I am pleased that within these pages we have provided you with a smattering of stories that capture some of the experiences from this time.

It was a new experience for me to have contacted a staff member with COVID in February to ask how she was getting on only to be told that she was at that time abandoning her house due to rising flood waters. Amazing stories have punctuated this time.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our valued clients, for your patience, resilience, good humour and kindness as Jubilee continues to navigate the challenges of COVID and the recent flooding. The safety of our clients and staff remains our priority so your support and understanding during these challenging times is genuinely appreciated by all at Jubilee.

With regards to COVID, Jubilee continues to ask our staff to strictly adhere to the protocols set by Queensland Health in relation to the wearing of masks and protective clothing, which in turn governs our business operations.

The Jubilee family recently expanded our Client Coordination team and in our website’s News section we introduce Debbie Hinton whose focus is the care and support of our clients.

Also, look carefully and find a poem by our client Doreen in our News section and then take a moment to read about some of the ways our Home Care Package client Roma is using her package funds to live the life she chooses and explore the sights and experiences of Brisbane along with her Jubilee support worker Fran.

Several staff members at Jubilee were affected by the recent rains and flooding. Some lost much that they owned but still chose to work and support Jubilee clients. This is an example of the Jubilee spirit – helping each other out amidst challenging circumstances. Their efforts have been appreciated by staff and clients alike. Read about two of our brave and compassionate staff, Nanette and Andrea, in this section of the website.

Jubilee’s much-loved activities program has been slowly returning and is kicking off in full swing after many months of restrictions. For a full list of activities look at our July, August and September calendars in our Activities section of the website. Jubilee clients might like to join our activities officer Vicki on her regular Zoom video calls. If you are unable to get out and about on one of our buses you can still keep in touch and make new friends but do it with Vicki online!

I would like to reassure everyone, Jubilee Community Care is here for you. If you would like more information on our services or other ways we can assist you please phone us on 3871 3220.

Best wishes, Darren Sonter, Executive Director

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