Proper carer-client relationships vital

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Building client-caregiver relationships with Jubilee Community Care support workers during services is vital to our clients’ wellbeing and happiness.

Consistency of care of a client can have several benefits including greater connection and trust, better communication, early identification of subtle changes in emotional and physical health, and peace of mind.

It has been a longstanding practice at Jubilee, as much as is possible, to match clients with suitable support workers – people who may have common interests or backgrounds, and for whom the relationship will be mutually positive and rewarding.

However, Jubilee also aims to match two or three support workers to an individual client – people the client will see regularly and with whom they can build trust, routine and connection with.

This practice allows Jubilee to build flexibility into a client’s services, allowing our Brisbane home care assistance team to roster a known support worker to a client when their other regular support workers may not be available for a service due to annual or personal leave, illness, or other reasons.

But this practice also has other benefits – helping support workers and their clients to maintain professional boundaries. Our support workers should be respected by clients as employees first. A client’s home is their workplace. This practice means a client does not potentially rely solely on one particular support worker for their needs to be met and does not become too ‘’attached’’ to one individual. It also means a support worker does not become overly involved in a client’s life, potentially hindering their ability to provide professional and objective support, and sometimes leading to high stress or burnout.

If, as a client or family member of a client, this is something you would like to discuss further, please phone Jubilee’s office on 3871 3220.



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