Positive steps forward at Jubilee

Thank you to our clients and their families, employees and volunteers for your messages of support to our office staff for their wonderful work. It is appreciated.

The recruitment of personnel across all departments of Jubilee Community Care has been one of the many priorities during the past several months.

I am extremely pleased to inform you of key appointments including Sharon Forbes (RN) as our Manager for Care Services and Mardy Abeydeera as our Finance Manager. Sharon and Mardy have been joined by new employees in Client Support Coordination, Human Resources and Scheduling. We continue to search to fill the vacant role of Human Resource Manager.

Whilst we have recruited new support workers we are still continuing our search for additional ones.

I would like to acknowledge the tremendous effort of all employees and volunteers at Jubilee who over the past few months have recruited and trained new employees; scheduled services with limited human resources during the recruitment process; brought client billing, budgets and monthly statements up to date; and our wonderful support workers who have provided the highest quality of services to clients. Are we there yet? No, but we are moving in a positive direction and can promise that all employees and volunteers are working together to ensure we meet the needs of Jubilee clients. Thank you to all of our clients and families for your continued support and patience during this process.

Community aged care service providers are facing a continual challenge of ensuring services commence at the scheduled time. There are many issues that challenge the ability of service providers to meet the scheduled start time of a service such as staff shortage, staff sickness/absence, increased traffic congestion and roadworks, and unexpected service challenges that may be encountered by a support worker. I am aware of a move by some service providers to offer a “service window” of a three-hour period during which time a service will commence. Instead, Jubilee Community Care has always asked for and worked with a tolerance of 30+ minutes i.e. in the circumstance of a service commencing more than 30 minutes after the scheduled time our administration staff will telephone and inform the client. There are exceptions in that we will prioritise services that are time critical such as transport services to medical appointments.

Kind regards,
Shaun Riley, Executive Director



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