Meet Support Worker Linda

by volunteer Jess.

Linda has been working for Jubilee Community Care, part-time for almost six years now. Linda loves working at Jubilee just as much as she loves being outdoors with her gorgeous German Shepherd…her husband is ok too, she jokes.

What do you love about working at Jubilee?
I love the variety! Every day there is always something new and different about my day. I also enjoy getting to know clients and at times being a special part of their lives. I always hope to make a difference.

What’s something that makes you smile?
If you didn’t laugh you’d cry. So I just go with the flow. Life’s short so enjoy everything you can!

What’s something you’ve learned working for Jubilee?
My clients often say “do it while you can!”; take that holiday, climb that mountain, treat yourself to something special now and then.

What do you like more, sweet or savoury?
Basically I love food. There isn’t much I don’t like, but chocolate is always good anytime.

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