Letter from Ron

Vicki, this was one of the excursions of the year – from my point of view! I had no idea of what it was or where it was, but to listen to the history and see some of the sites (and the photographs) really excited me. It was then topped up with the best morning tea/ coffee followed up by a magnificent sandwich lunch (again with coffee) – I was blown away by the value!!! I don’t know how you do it – but please keep on doing it. Thanks again for updating my history of Brisbane and aviation -and for the best morning tea and sandwiches for lunch we’ve ever had. If it’s ever repeated, I’m in just for morning coffee/lunch sandwiches and coffee! Cheers, Ron.

Thank you to Trade Coast Central Heritage Park and the Cafe for hosting us and to Ron for his kind words about this trip.

In Vicki’s words “I love the Jubilee Wanderers, they’re just so full of life and vitality. I thoroughly enjoy organising all the activities and I couldn’t do it without my side kick Chris and my team of volunteers or as I call them ‘my angels’!”

If you or your loved one would like to join one of our activities, please give Vicki a call on 07 3871 3220.



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