Keysafes provide security

Have you considered installing a keysafe at your home? A keysafe is a strong mechanical metal box in which you can securely store the spare keys to your door.

It is installed on the outside of your house and your keys are accessed by a combination code. The combination code will only be known to you and anyone you share the code with. Keysafes also come in a padlock style.

A keysafe is a valuable tool. It can provide peace of mind that a spare key is available if you, family or friends ever need it, and it can be used by emergency services in the case of a fall or medical emergency where someone inside is unable to answer the door. Another benefit is the code can be easily changed should you need to.

The keysafe can be positioned at a convenient level such as chest level or wheelchair access height to make it easier to use and to also make it more accessible when the code needs changing.

Jubilee Community Care encourages our clients to have keysafes. Many times Jubilee support workers, with permission from the organisation, have accessed keysafes to check on the welfare of a client when they do not answer the door during a scheduled service or can not be reached another way.

If you would like to find out more about keysafes and how your Home Care Package funds can be used to install one please phone us on 3871 3220.



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