Jubilee’s client satisfaction survey 2018

Jubilee Community Care has again received overwhelmingly positive responses  in its 2018 Client Satisfaction Survey. The survey was sent to 100 clients on Home Care Packages in early September, with a 51 per cent response rate. Client responses to key statements included:

  • Jubilee Community Care has provided me with information to enable me to choose the services I want: 98% agree
  • Jubilee staff treat me with dignity and respect: 98%
  • I am supported by Jubilee in my choice of care and support: 96%
  • My services are organised at day(s) / time(s) that suit me: 94%
  • My support worker(s) usually arrive on time for my scheduled service: 96%
  • My service are usually provided by the same support worker: 85%
  • My support worker(s) complete tasks the way I want them to be done: 98%
  • I understand the fees charged for the service(s) provided to me: 88%
  • I am aware of my rights and responsibilities and those of JCC as my service provider: 94%

More importantly, clients were given the chance to comment on Jubilee, its services and staff. The comments included:

  • Staff have been so kind. I am very satisfied with the service, thank you.
  • Full marks for an excellent caring community organisation.
  • The workers arrive with a smile and an honest keenness to any job.
  • I have been delighted with the services and the staff are very respectful.
  • I am pleased with everything, Jubilee staff make my day.
  • It is a great help to have the same support workers at the same time.
  • Staff are terrific, helpful and kind. Jubilee is professional, caring and friendly.
  • Jubilee are quick to implement any changes I request.
  • The carers have been kind, courteous, helpful and thorough in their tasks.
  • Your service is good, those who manage are very good.
  • I recommend Jubilee, excellent support for the elderly in their home.




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