Jubilee grows in strength

Thank you to our clients, families, employees and volunteers for your messages of support on my recent reappointment to the position of executive director of Jubilee Community Care.

The Board of Jubilee and I are aware of the challenges ahead to ensure we deliver the quality of service and support to you that have underpinned the history of Jubilee. A number of Board members, myself and many of our existing employees were part of that history and, together with new Board members and employees, we are motivated and committed to ensure we deliver the highest quality of services and supports to you as your service provider.

I am delighted to inform that we have been fortunate to bring back into our employment a number of key staff with knowledge and experience of processes and procedures in care coordination, finance, payroll and administration.

We are recruiting a manager for aged care services to lead our care coordinators and a client support coordinator with registered nurse experience. These two positions will provide needed support to our existing client support coordinators for the benefit of clients, families and employees.
We are advertising for the new roles of human resource manager and human resource assistant who will have responsibilities for all aspects of human resources and will include first-line supervision and communication with support workers, conflict resolution, competency assessment and performance appraisals. The changes will ensure HR best practice and streamline and strengthen the human resource area of Jubilee for the benefit of employees and clients.

We are recruiting additional support workers to meet the service needs of clients. Please be aware if you have multiple services on a day or services on different days throughout the week that most support workers work part time so you may receive services from different support workers. It is not always possible to roster the same support worker to a client’s service because of their unavailability due to the person’s chosen workdays/times/sickness/annual leave etc. Jubilee will always try to roster a support worker to your agreed time/day of service.

Regrettably, on occasion we may have to offer you a service at a different time or day due to the shortage of staff within our industry. This situation is a challenge to our rostering staff but please be assured that whilst as people we are all different, we do induct and train support workers in a consistent way to provide an acceptable level of service. Furthermore, we are always asking employees if they would like to extend or change their availability, even on a short-term basis.

We have deployed additional resources within our finance area to address the unacceptable level of administration experienced by clients and families for which, on behalf of Jubilee Community Care, I sincerely offer my apologies. I can assure you it is the aim of the Board, finance staff and myself to bring about a speedy resolution to the issues of client billing, budgets and the issuing of monthly statements.

I ask for your continued support and patience whilst we work through the operational challenges ahead.

Kind regards, Shaun Riley, Executive Director

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