Fresh start for Jubilee with new Board

Happy New Year! We hope the festive season has been a time of joy with family or friends. At Jubilee we have had some end-of-year fun with our client and staff Christmas parties in mid-December. Both events provided a wonderful opportunity to catch up with friends, reconnect and look back on the year that has been.

And now the new year is upon us – a time when we can look forward to what lies ahead. It is a time of beginnings – fresh starts, expectancy, hope and promise.

For the staff, management and Board of Jubilee Community Care, we carry that hope and promise into 2023. Late last year marked the beginning of a new chapter in the life of our organisation. At the Annual General Meeting held late November, members elected a new Board to take the organisation into the new year. All three members elected on the night have been Jubilee Board members before (with a collective 34 years of service between them!). They bring to the Board much experience, knowledge and passion. Three other new members have since been appointed, making a Board of six.

The new Board met for the first time in December 2022. It comprises (*elected): Dr Judy Salecich* as President; Sue Paulsen* as Vice-President; Dr Sue Colen* as a Member; Christopher Cox as Secretary; Michael Harvey as Treasurer; and Neale Menelaws as another Member.

The new Board will work together with our staff to oversee the rebuilding and renewal of Jubilee Community Care – our standard of client service, our staffing levels and staff morale, and our reputation.

One of its first responsibilities will be to appoint a new Executive Director. At present Dr Gary Day is fulfilling the role in an acting capacity. The Board aims to have a permanent Executive Director in place by late January 2023.

The new year lies ahead. Let us all look forward with expectancy and hope, and the promise of good things to come in 2023.

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