Exciting times ahead as we enter 2022 with renewed hope and optimism

Welcome to 2022! I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing festive season. Given how busy life gets, I truly cherished the time spent with my family. No Christmas lunch is complete in the Sonter household without a barbeque and few rounds of backyard cricket!

After the tumultuous last two years with COVID-19 forcing us to navigate many challenges, the dawn of this new year brings with it a sense of relief. It’s a new chapter and one Jubilee staff and I have been eagerly anticipating as we look forward to an exciting year ahead with renewed hope and optimism.

To kick off 2022 we are hoping to expand our activities offering in the new year to include a day respite at a center we are in the process of purchasing. We genuinely appreciate our clients’ feedback and over the years, realised there is a need for such a center. If you’re interested in finding out more, please call our office on 3871 3220.

As you know, the Queensland Government lowered border restrictions last year.  Jubilee Community Care has followed the direction of the Queensland Government mandate and our staff were required to be fully vaccinated to attend work.

In this edition of the newsletter, I’d like to draw your attention to the public holidays coming up in the next few months on page 2 and how these will affect the Jubilee services offerings by our dedicated staff. Please read carefully and contact us if you have any queries.

2021 closed on a positive note with the launch Jubilee’s very first coffee table featuring the life stories of our lovely clients! Fiona Ware, an accomplished and highly respected author, conducted a creative writing course in 2021 for clients which culminated in the creation of this book. Read more on page 4 to purchase a book and how you too can participate in future creative writing courses.

Look after yourself through the in-person and virtual Active at Home program. The aim of the program is to allow Jubilee clients to regain the strength and confidence to remain active and independent in their later years. For more details refer to page 6.

Fancy celebrating Australia Day, a visit to an Irish pub or a guided tour of Boggo Road goal with Jubilee? We have developed a fun & exciting calendar of activities just for you. Refer to pages 8 & 9 and grab the chance to make new friends.


Best wishes,
Darren Sonter

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