Don’t risk dehydration during a hot summer

The hot summer still has some way to go so remember to keep hydrated to avoid heat stress. Early signs of heat stress include rising body temperature, dry mouth and eyes, headache, shortness of breath, vomiting and absence of tears when crying.
You can follow these steps every day to help prevent dehydration:
1. Drink plain water often;
2. Always carry water with you when you leave the house;
3. Seek cool or shady places when you are out of the house; and
4. Be mindful of dehydration when doing outdoor activities.

How much water should you drink? Queensland Health advise us to drink enough water every day, even if it is not hot or we are not doing a lot of exercise. Men should drink 2.6 litres or 10 cups of fluid each day. Women should drink 2.1 litres or eight cups of fluid each day.



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