Call out for Jubilee advisory body members

Jubilee Community Care will establish a Quality Care Advisory Body in response to changes to The Aged Care Act 1997. The Act has been amended to strengthen the governance arrangements of Government-approved aged care providers such as Jubilee. The amendments introduce specific changes aimed at improving leadership and culture, and increasing transparency and accountability.

Under the changes to the Act, from December 1, 2023, all approved providers must establish the Quality Care Advisory Body and also offer each year to set up a Consumer Advisory Body.

While the two bodies will have different responsibilities the intention is to provide the opportunity to support and inform the Jubilee Community Care Board with problem-solving and suggest improvements to our service.

Quality Care Advisory Body

The Quality Care Advisory Body will provide the Jubilee Community Care Board a written report about the quality of care and services at least once every six months.

The Jubilee Board will consider any reports or feedback provided by the Body when making decisions in relation to the quality of the aged care provided through our services.

Consumer Advisory Body

A Consumer Advisory Body will have the responsibility to collect feedback from members and share ideas with the Jubilee Board.

Being a part of a Consumer Advisory Body helps your voice to be heard. The information you give to our service can help shape the way your service is run.

Expressions of interest are sought from clients or your representative to join either of these two bodies.

Please contact the Jubilee Community Care Brisbane office by phoning 3871 3220 or email to express your interest in joining either of these two bodies. We will be delighted to provide you with further information.



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