Buddy shifts help set standard for care

Jubilee Community Care is continually recruiting more support workers. Our aim always is to train our new staff to the highest possible standard.

When a new support worker joins the Jubilee team, they spend a day learning about the organisation’s culture and values, policies, procedures, manual handling, infection control and much more! The day gives our new staff an understanding of Jubilee’s expectations of high standards of service delivery and support for our clients.

Staff who are new to Jubilee also undergo buddy shifts. This provides them with the chance to accompany and work alongside our experienced support workers as they visit clients’ homes for services. The hands-on supervised approach has proved invaluable and is an extension of the induction process before a new support worker visits clients on their own.

We very much appreciate clients allowing our new team members to accompany experienced support workers for a buddy shift. Our clients who do participate find this does not disrupt the service and some clients welcome the opportunity to be involved in the teaching. Please keep in mind that when a new staff member is on a buddy shift, they will be ‘shadowing’ the experienced staff member and will not be able to perform separate or additional tasks.

Typically, once a new support worker has completed several buddy shifts they will be ready to start work on their own. This, coupled with regular meetings to provide guidance and support, helps ensure a great start for our newest team members. All of our support workers who have undertaken buddy shifts have found them invaluable.

We understand that not every client will want to be part of the buddy shift process or that some who have previously taken part might change their minds. If this is how you feel please do not hesitate to contact the office on 3871 3220 so that we can note on your records that you do not wish to take part.



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