Brokered services assist in Jubilee care

You may have noticed Jubilee Community Care is using external businesses to assist in your services. These businesses have a brokerage agreement with Jubilee to provide services such as domestic assistance, garden maintenance, food services and allied health services.

These external providers help us ensure your services go ahead as planned, and also provide additional specialist services. In these situations Jubilee will always try to contact you ahead of the service to let you know staff from a brokered business are coming. However, if you are not sure who is at your door when they come knocking, you can always phone Jubilee to check their identification.

Be reassured – all of the external employees working on behalf of Jubilee pass the same strict requirements to work with older Australians as our staff do. They must adhere to a client’s care plan and can also report back to Jubilee any concerns they may have while with you in your home. For example, they may have noticed you are feeling sick and need extra support or have found a trip hazard in your home that needs addressing.

If you have any feedback about the people who visit your home to carry out Jubilee services you can phone 3871 3220 or email




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