Naturopathy and you

The literal translation of the word Naturopathy essentially means ‘natural treatment’. The practice of naturopath Brisbane is based on the idea of nature cures which were of course administered by our ancestors as early forms of medicinal cure.

A complete system of natural medicine, naturopaths focus on preventive health. Using only non-toxic, natural therapies, treatment is focused upon encouraging and supporting the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms.

The popular practices of detoxing and dieting or fasting are both good examples of naturopathic practices. Our approach is concerned with investigating, finding and tackling the underlying cause of a problem, for any client with specific or existing health concerns.

Naturopathy is essentially holistic. Holistic means to treat the person as a whole, so involved taking into consideration the full gamut and balance of mental, physical and emotional states. Naturopaths have a huge choice of natural therapeutics – consider plants and herbs to be their natural medicine toolbox – and these are used with clients in conjunction with diagnostic testing and suitable complimentary therapies focussed upon your return to health.

Both a philosophy and a holistic healthcare system, naturopaths recognise the healing power present in living things, and therefore aim to promote and restore health with natural treatment approaches that can involve nutrition, lifestyle, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, psychosocial support and a variety of other techniques.

Naturopaths interpret symptoms as a person’s physical response to physical, emotional, environmental or genetic stress. By identifying the underlying causes and promoting the inherent self-healing power of each individual, it is successfully used in western society. It’s fair to day that it is also a way of life. Naturopaths empower individuals by educating them about exercise, lifestyle, diet.

When meeting with a naturopath for the first time they will help you to realise many things about your body and lifestyle that you may have subconsciously been aware of, but have essentially been ignoring. This can include your unique nutritional requirements, and the foods, liquids and chemicals contributing to your symptoms or making you feel unwell. They will identify your digestive status to assess your acid/alkaline balance and determine how well are you digesting and assimilating your nutrients

Are you getting toxins out or are you storing them in fat cells and organs? Naturopaths will analyse the efficiency of your elimination channels, as well as hormone balance.

Ultimately naturopathy can help you establish health and wellness by encouraging and empowering a person to support their own vitality. They can also attain a far greater awareness of their current health, and of potential imbalances. Additionally, preventive steps can be made with positive proactive choices.