Umps Health supports safety in the home

Jubilee Community Care has trialled with success new technology to support your safety and independence at home. Umps Health has created smart plugs to detect interactions with your existing appliances, like when you use the kettle, open the refrigerator or turn on or off the TV.

The Umps Health Smart Home technology learns your regular daily habits and only raises an alert when things are unusual. If something does go wrong, your family or a care provider are contacted so they can send support. For example, it will raise an alert if the kettle is usually boiled before 9am in the morning but nothing has been used that morning or the refrigerator is usually opened frequently during the day but has only been opened four times in the previous 24 hours. This could indicate a decline in appetite, which indicates a range of health issues.

The technology does not require you to wear a pendant or press a button to work. It works completely in the background. You can choose which appliances Umps Health is installed on. It is suggested selecting appliances that you use regularly like the refrigerator, kettle, TV, microwave and a bedside lamp.

It also focuses on detecting problems before they require hospitalisation by looking for subtle changes in routine that occur days before an incident. This allows earlier action to be taken and can prevent the need to go to hospital.

Umps Health doesn’t require an existing internet connection and only takes about 10 minutes to install and setup. You choose who receives alerts and sees information about your wellbeing. Up to five nominated contacts can be registered to an individual user. There are no lock-in contracts.

Clients on Home Care Packages may be able to use their package funding to pay for Umps Health Technology. If you are interested in finding out more phone Jubilee Community Care on 3871 3220. Alternatively, you can visit



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