Staff satisfaction at a high

While Jubilee Community Care aims to support clients through quality services carried out with respect and dignity, it would be nothing without its invaluable staff who continually go above and beyond. And it seems our staff like working for us and being part of an organisation that cares for everyone. This is evidenced in Jubilee’s 2018 Staff Survey conducted last October.
Almost 80 per cent of staff responded to the survey which gauged their happiness and satisfaction at Jubilee, their involvement in decision making, their sense of value by management, and reasons why they like working at Jubilee. Key findings included:

* 93% of staff agree work gives them a sense of personal accomplishment, with 67% strongly agreeing.
* 98% feel valued by Jubilee’s leadership team with 73% strongly agreeing.
* 98% would refer someone to work at Jubilee, with 90% strongly agreeing.
* 76% are satisfied with their job, with another 21% somewhat satisfied.
* 96% said they had the appropriate amount of information to make correct decisions about their work, with 60% strongly agreeing.
* 98% know how to develop their skills at Jubilee.

Staff also were asked to comment on specific aspects of Jubilee including:
* Reasons why you like working at Jubilee?: Client contact; flexible hours; it’s a wonderful caring organisation. Staff are all so kind and lovely. Friendly team of people who genuinely care about each other and coordinators, and support staff who are hands-on in making an older person’s life the best it can be.
* What words would you use to describe the culture at Jubilee?: Caring, supportive, friendly, professional.
* What would you not change at Jubilee?: Office staff, staff meetings, the relationship between management and support workers. The amount of correspondence – I feel involved in decision-making. The personal, caring and family-based nature of the business, in the services provided to our clients.



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