New faces on Jubilee management committee

There have been some changes to the Jubilee Community Care management committee since our last newsletter. A fresh face joined the Brisbane aged care services committee during Jubilee’s Annual General Meeting in October last year. Jubilee also bid farewell to two longtime committee members who will be missed.

At the AGM president Dr Judy Salecich, vice president Mark Vining and treasurer Ross Beck all retained their positions on the committee. Likewise Sabina Janstrom, Joe Morris and Dr Alex Robinson were re-elected as committee members.

University of Queensland research fellow Dr Jack Lam was elected as a new member of the committee. Jubilee worked with Dr Lam in 2019, supporting his research into elderly people who live independently and focussing on their daily activities, their social networks, and their sense of loneliness. Jubilee’s work with Dr Lam will continue in 2020 when his team will gather data, evaluate and publish findings of the benefits of older people attending Jubilee’s Stay Connected program.

At the AGM former members Annette Wotton and Sue Paulsen stepped down from their roles. Annette joined the committee in 2011, volunteering for her eight years in the role of secretary. Sue was a member of the committee from 2009 and was treasurer for the first four years of her membership. Everyone at Jubilee Community Care thanks them for their contributions and wishes them all the best in their next endeavours.



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