New client assessment process now in play

As reported in the March/April Newsletter, Jubilee has been working with Macquarie University on the introduction of a client assessment process called the Australian Community Care Outcomes Measurement (ACCOM).

The ACCOM, now being used by Jubilee, will assist us to measure changes in outcomes for our clients to ensure they are provided with the assistance and services important to them within the parameters of their program funding. The ACCOM dovetails well with consumer-directed care which follows a goal-based care planning approach and aims to recognise that everyone’s services are individual.

Upon commencing services with Jubilee a client is and will continue to be assessed by a client support coordinator for their care needs, capabilities, tasks that a client needs help with or can manage themselves, and areas where clients could improve their functionality. This data is held in our information management systems and is used to develop a client’s care plan.

The ACCOM is a questionnaire to be completed by a client/family to review their service/care plan. The ACCOM asks questions regarding the client’s quality of life, control over daily living, social participation and an open question for a client to elaborate on issues important to them or that aren’t addressed specifically. The ACCOM process is as follows:

1. Client/family complete the ACCOM sent by Jubilee about one month before the client’s annual review date of their care plan. A stamped addressed envelope is provided to return the ACCOM to Jubilee.
2. The client’s support worker(s) and a client support coordinator will complete a similar questionnaire based on their knowledge of the client.
3. The two questionnaires will be compared and, depending on the
information, the client’s care plan may:
– continue as is, if this is satisfactorily meeting the needs of a client;
– be updated with additional and/or increased services in agreement with the client/family and program eligibility and funding; or,
– a request made to My Aged Care for a new assessment due to the client’s increased care needs.

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