New aged care standards in play

The Australian Government has introduced new aged care quality standards that came into effect on July 1. The aim of the standards is to check that people receive good care. Each of the new standards says what a client can expect and service providers need to demonstrate how they are meeting those outcomes.
There are eight standards. Each one is about an aspect of care that contributes to your safety, health and wellbeing. The new standards relate to:

Consumer dignity and choice: You should feel that you are treated with dignity and respect, can maintain your identity, make informed choices about your care and services and live the life you choose.

Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers: It is intended that you feel a partner in the ongoing assessment and planning that helps you to receive the care and services that you are eligible for under your program and your need for your health and wellbeing.

Personal care and clinical care: You are receiving personal care and/or clinical care that is safe and right for you.

Services and supports for daily living: You are receiving the services and supports for daily living that are important for your health and wellbeing and that enable you to do the things you want to do.

Organisation’s service environment: Applies to residential care, respite care and day centres. It does not apply to home care services where the environment is the consumer’s home. It also does not apply to other environments that clients visit such as libraries and bowls clubs.

Feedback and complaints: You feel safe, encouraged and supported to give feedback and make complaints, and appropriate action is taken.

Human resources: You receive quality care and services when you need them from people who are knowledgeable, capable and caring.

Organisational governance: You are confident that your service provider is well run and you can provide thoughts and ideas to improve the delivery of care and services.

If you believe your care is not up to the standard that you expect, please let us know. Raising concerns is not being difficult. Sometimes things may not be as you like and you have every right to bring concerns to our attention. You can contact Jubilee Community Care by phoning us on 3871 3220 or emailing us at

If you do not feel comfortable talking about service issues with us you can contact an “advocate” who can help you to work out your rights and options available to you. Advocates include the Older Persons Advocacy Network (phone 1800 700 600) or Aged and Disability Advocacy Australia (phone 1800 818 338). Complaints also can be made to the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission by phoning 1800 951 822.




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