Keep active and exercise at home with Jubilee

Did you know Jubilee Community Care can facilitate a home exercise program for you to undertake regularly to boost physical wellbeing?

Active at Home is a simple, in-home exercise program designed specifically for older people who want to slow down the ageing process and regain their strength and confidence to keep active and independent.

Jubilee’s Active at Home coordinator Sandy Kelly said the program consisted of weight bearing and balance exercises which improved walking speed, balance ability and general mobility.

Sandy said Jubilee had five support workers trained to deliver Active at Home with another five currently undergoing training. The support workers work one on one with participants, teaching them the correct techniques for the exercises which were developed by qualified exercise physiologists.

Active at Home participants undergo tests to determine their physical capacity and wellbeing with the trained support worker before being taught the exercises.

The support worker also provides basic equipment for the exercises and regularly meets with the participant and undertakes reviews as needed. Progress can be recorded on the Active at Home app.

“We want participants with reasonable health and mobility, who are relatively active but just feel as though they could gain some strength and assistance with balance,” Sandy said. “Perhaps these people don’t have the time to attend Stay Standing on a Friday but can have a support worker come to their home.”

Sandy said results from a trial program showed participants reported a substantial improvement in confidence and overall wellness, demonstrating a greater capacity to manage their own household tasks and get out and about.

She said the outcomes included increased physical function and independence, a steady and considerable reduction in participants’ needs for other health services, and significant improvements in general physical capacity and wellbeing.

An Active at Home program can be started at any time of year. To find out more or for more about our Brisbane home help services phone Jubilee Community Care on 3871 3220.

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