Jubilee is trusted and well respected

It is our hope at Jubilee Community Care that all of our clients and their families feel they are treated respectfully and with care and compassion in every interaction they have with us.

And it seems Jubilee is hitting the mark with the results of the latest client survey in. Our clients were asked a series of questions for the survey, with results being based on 177 replies.

The survey, very comprehensive in measuring clients’ satisfaction with our services, returned overwhelmingly positive results. These include:

  •  Jubilee treats clients with dignity and supports them to make choices affecting their health and wellbeing – 99% Satisfaction
  •  Jubilee works with clients to assess their needs, plan and review services and has high levels of communication regarding care and services – 97.5% Satisfaction
  • Clients are confident in Jubilee’s policies, procedures, client communication and staff practice of its Infection Control measures – 98.5% Satisfaction
  • Jubilee enables clients to remain independent at home and maintain their wellbeing through services and its activities program – 99% Satisfaction
  • Clients are satisfied with Jubilee staff, their conduct and the way in which services are carried out – 98% Satisfaction
  • Clients have knowledge of and are confident and comfortable with Jubilee’s feedback and complaints processes – 97.5% Satisfaction
  •  Clients are confident in the governance and management of Jubilee Community Care – 99.5% Satisfaction
  •  Clients would recommend the services of Jubilee Community Care – 100% Yes

The clients were also able to provide written feedback in relation to Jubilee, again overwhelmingly positive. Statements from numerous respondents included:

You are very good at what you do; Staff are keen to assist, polite and timely; Care during COVID is exceptional; Service is exceptional; I am able to live at home because of Jubilee; Jubilee staff are the salt of the earth; Thank you for providing a service that I can trust; The support workers (are) always cheerful and ready to help; I value consistency of service, times and carers; Staff are well trained, respectful and friendly; Jubilee is a well conducted organisastion; They take a genuine interest in me; and Flexibility and excellent communication.



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