Jubilee is going digital

Jubilee Community Care would like to thank all clients, staff and care workers for their patience, flexibility and understanding over the last two weeks as we put in place the new digital processes. We really appreciate how everyone worked together to make this possible and we are excited to now have such an innovative system that will streamline our services and connect our care workers more closely to our office team. We have now gone live and all staff have been trained. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.

Remember when the word “tablet” meant a pill that you could take? These days “tablet” refers to a small hand held computer. We have been implementing a technology strategy to work smarter with regards to our rostering, payroll and client billing processes whilst continuing to provide high value services to our clients. The next stage of this strategy has seen the introduction of ‘tablets’ for our admin staff and care workers. We have all now been trained on the new streamlined processes so that we’ll be more efficient and responsive than ever. These tablets will allow our team to stay connected to our office with real time communication and automate rosters rather than using a paper based process. Care Workers will be able to access the internet to give them more tools whilst looking after our clients such as looking up recipes and photos for services at home or using google maps when going somewhere.

Our team lead by project coordinator Tracy Burton took the time to plan carefully on how to roll these new digital technologies out, have the minimum disruption to our care worker’s schedules and our clients services, involved every department, listened to every person’s point of view, had multiple meetings to problem solve before we went live, piloted it with a key group, did working bees to set up the tablets so that the training was quick, easy and effective and have continue to improve these new systems on a daily basis. It has been a wonderful team effort from our committee members through to every member of staff with Leigh and Brigid on rostering (scheduling) and on the phones answering questions from care workers whilst keeping them to our client’s schedules to avoid any disruptions, Pam and Deb on finance who have been making sure that payroll and billings continue seamlessly, Tracy who has been driving this project and now has a “helpdesk” badge much to everyone’s amusement but we all agree that we couldn’t have done it without her, our coordinators Nicky, Rose and Sharon who always have the client’s best interest at heart and want them and their teams happy, and of course Shaun who has been seeing his vision come to life and has been nurturing the whole team through every step of the process. It really has been a joy to be part of such innovative processes that are held together by a dedicated team who are striving to better all of our clients and their families lives. But of course we all know that we couldn’t have done this without everyone at Jubilee Community Care pulling together as we jump both feet into the digital era moving away from our paper processes.

Have you seen your care worker with their tablet? What do you think? We’d love to hear from you!

We would also like to say a special thanks to everyone who has gone digital with us and is now paying for their services by Direct Debit. 22% of our services are now being paid using this method and we are absolutely thrilled. It is an easy, simple and convenient way of getting your services paid for, which we can then track more effectively for you. Thank you. No need to visit the bank from now on or write a cheque! We’re making it easier to provide services to our clients!

If we can help you with anything, please never hesitate to pick up the phone and call us on 07 3871 3220 or email us as admin@jccagedcare.org.au.

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