Expertise in 2017

We are always looking to empower our staff with extra knowledge and qualifications so that our clients are looked after to the best of our abilities. Training is extremely important to us and we invest in our staff. Every year, we train staff for two full days on we how to provide care and support services to the Jubilee standard. We call this our mandatory training. Next year we are adding the following taught by the experts:

  • Mental Health by mhWise. With 1 in 5 Australians experiencing this chronic illness every year we want to educate our staff on recognising and responding appropriately and sensitively whilst using supportive communication and engagement practices.
  • Palliative Care by Karuna. Home care for the dying and their families. Karuna has a wealth of experience and expertise in assisting people dealing with bereavement or a palliative illness. They are a charity who lead in grief and bereavement support.

100% of our staff hold an industry specific certificate!


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