Coproduction committee tackles decluttering

decluttering_committee_aprilClients of Jubilee Community Care and members of the public have been donating their time to identify support that our community needs to be safe and comfortable in their homes as part of a Step Forward – Together™ project coproduction committee. “I feel empowered from being part of this committee” states Ric when describing his journey with the committee so far where they have been coming together on equal terms to identify, design and deliver services. “We are driven by a desire to achieve a positive result!” Since September 2015, they have been brainstorming ideas for aged care in our community with a Wellness focus, “so that aged people remain at home” states Lorraine.

The first challenge that they have taken on is “decluttering”. “I’m 82, I live on acreage with no shops within walking distance and I have to drive everywhere. I don’t have much driving left in me so I need to move closer to my daughter and therefore I have to downsize” explains Ann who has a 6 bedroom home full of loved one’s belongings. The new service that has been developed by this committee will help you to create space within your home under your direction. Several of our Brisbane homecare workers are scheduled to go on the certified training course in the coming weeks in order to offer this service.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the Step Forward – Together™ project coproduction committee! Your time, energy and commitment has been most appreciated and we hope that this is the start of great things to come! Thank you.

Committee members pictured above from left to right Margaret, Lorraine, Sharon, Gay, Ric, Deanne, Anne and Kaylene.

Have you accumulated a lot of “stuff” over the years and aren’t sure where to start? We can help you! This brand new service that has been developed by our coproduction committee will soon be available to you! If you feel it would be beneficial to you, call us on 07 3871 3220 or email to register your interest!



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