We are investing in you!

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We are investing in you!

As your local nonprofit aged care provider, Jubilee Community Care is actively investing in our community, clients and staff by doing the following:

1. We are investing in our highly skilled workforce by training them above industry standards on an annual basis and providing them with professional development supported by specialised trainers as well as empowering them with specific and in depth chronic illness training, which include but aren’t limited to diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia, heart disease and arthritis.
2. Unusually for our industry, the majority of our workforce are permanent part time staff so that we can provide you with continuity of your care and support services. This also provides job security for our staff. This is something that we think is important to providing the best possible care and support services to you.
3. We are also supporting our local community by providing and investing in our activities program. Over 40 hours of activities per week are delivered where we pick our clients up, take them, the affectionately known Jubilee Wanderers, out on a fun activity and drop them back home safely. We are hoping to expand on this and will keep you in the loop via this monthly newsletter.

If we can help you in any way please email us or call us on 07 3871 3220.


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