New client assessment process at Jubilee

Jubilee Community Care is working with Professor Michael Fine and Dr Beatriz Cardona from Macquarie University on the introduction of a client assessment process called the Australian Community Care Outcomes Measurement ACCOM).

The ACCOM assesses and measures quality of life for clients on an ongoing basis and will help to ensure that clients of Jubilee Community Care get the assistance and services important to them.

On commencement of services with Jubilee Community Care a client is, and will continue to be, assessed by a Client Support Coordinator for their need of care, capabilities, tasks that a client needs help with, tasks that a client can manage themselves and areas where they could improve their functionality. This data is held within our current information management systems and is used to develop a client’s care plan.

The ACCOM is a questionnaire to be completed by a client or their family during a review of their service/care plan. It is about their quality of life, whether the client feels they have control over their daily living, if they are engaging in meaningful social participation and an open question for a client to elaborate on issues important to them or that are not addressed specifically.

Based on survey data, Prof Fine said that clients using the ACCOM reported that it was easy to use and over 90 per cent of clients said they completed the questionnaire within 10 minutes.

A Client Support Coordinator from Jubilee Community Care will answer the same questions about the client (based on their knowledge of the client and with the input of the client’s Support Workers) and can compare their perception of a client’s quality of life with the client’s own feelings.

Researcher Dr Cardona, from Macquarie University’s Department of Sociology, said Client Support Coordinators could use this information to develop an appropriate care plan and improvements to the delivery of service.

Clients who are scheduled for a review of their service/care plan from this month onwards will receive the ACCOM questionnaire along with an explanation for completion and a pre-paid envelope to return the completed questionnaire to Jubilee Community Care.

There will be circumstances pertinent to individual clients/families whereby the current review process of their service/care plan will continue.



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