Celebrate Seniors Month with Jubilee!

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Celebrate Seniors Month with Jubilee!

In October, join us as we honour and celebrate Seniors Month with an even bigger calendar of activities & events in Brisbane and beyond. Plus, we’ll even pick you up, take you to the event and drop you home!

Seniors Month highlights include:

  • Welcome spring and create a low-maintenance, cheerful garden at our Jubilee Succulents Garden Workshop
  • Fancy some fish & chips? Come with us – great company and delicious food by the sea
  • Challenge one another and test your knowledge with Pictionary, Scrabble and more at our Mental Olympics
  • Join us each week at our Zoom Chit Chats and discuss an array of subjects with special guests
  • Visit with us to the Oxley Dog Squad and spend time with some lovable, smart and furry friends

Our activities & events are not just for Jubilee clients. They are very popular with non-clients too. So don’t miss out – call Jubilee’s Activities Officer Vicki on 33871 3220 for more information and book now!

Click here for the October calendar of activities.

Make friends in our activities program – our calendar is now available!

Jubilee has wonderful activities coming up in the next three months so make new friends and have a great day out with our Wanderers activities group. Here are some highlights:

  • Succulents Garden Workshop – celebrate spring by creating your own low-maintenance, succulent garden in a pot. All plants and tools provided
  • Exercise Classes – low impact, gentle exercise classes at Bodytrack and the University of Queensland (UQ) Healthy Living with personalised assessments and programs
  • Oxley Dog Squad – visit and spend time with some lovable, smart and furry friends
  • Mental Olympics Challenge – challenge one another and test your knowledge with Pictionary, Scrabble and more!
  • Zoom Chit Chats – Join Vicki online each Wednesday to chat about an array of subjects with special guests
  • Teppanyaki Lunch – experience a scrumptious Japanese dining experience at Redcliffe
  • Fish & Chips – an old favourite at Shorncliffe and The Fishmonger’s Wife

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there may be changes to activities so contact Jubilee’s Activities Officer Vicki on 3871 3220 for information about cost & transportation.

Below is the calendars for October, November and December 2021.

Take care and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Jubilee welcomes four new managers

Jubilee Community Care has welcomed new senior staff members to its office. Joining us are Courtney Webber, Anushka Goonetilleke, Kate Stephens and Alex Hetherington. The four, all part-time, will be integral to Jubilee’s growth and provision of best-practice care in the ever-changing aged care environment. Join us in welcoming them!


Courtney Webber | Client Care & Coordination Manager

After 15 years in aviation, I completed my Diploma and then Bachelor degree in Nursing. I have worked in residential aged care, transition care and community care over the past five years, including being a manager of a home care provider. I love making a difference to our clients by assisting them to stay at home and to remain as independent as possible by providing the support they need. I am also a mum to two small children who make my life complete.


Anushka Goonetilleke | Marketing & Communications Manager

It is an honour to join Jubilee. I was taught from a young age to care for and respect our elders, ensuring they are supported & nurtured in their later years with dignity. I have worked in Australia and overseas in an advisory capacity with not-for-profits, governments and multinational organisations. I have lived in Sri Lanka, Kenya and Australia. I am bilingual, also speak Sinhalese and have interests in history, art & culture, architecture, nature and hiking.


Kate Stephens | People & Culture Manager

I have been working in human resources for nearly 20 years. After an undergraduate degree in Primary School Teaching, I later studied business. I have worked across construction, physiotherapy and workplace injury management, to name a few positions. Most recently, I spent three years in the disability support sector. I am really excited to join Jubilee. The ability to be a part of building a workforce that is skilled, empathetic and passionate is very exciting. At home, there are five of us – my husband and kids aged 13, 15 and 17.


Alex Hetherington | Business Improvement Manager

Working within and for the community has always interested me as it gives value to the work I do. I have a double degree in Secondary Education and the Arts and bring considerable experience in care system analysis & implementation, scheduling & rostering, project management and reporting. Outside of work, I love time with my young family, especially at the beach where I live. I also try to continue my passion for creating art when there’s time! I am excited to begin my journey with Jubilee and hope to meet you all.

Spring is here! Time to spruce up your garden or go green indoors

Our beautiful weather at this time of year is the perfect chance to get out in the garden or to bring some of it inside if you live in an apartment or unit.

Gardening has many benefits – it is an enjoyable form of exercise, helps mobility and flexibility, encourages the use of all motor skills, improves endurance and strength, reduces stress and can provide nutritious, home-grown produce!

Some medical conditions and physical disabilities may restrict or prevent older people from participating in gardening. However, with a few tips from the Better Health Channel website, you can create a safe, accessible and pleasant space. The website details how garden spaces, tools and equipment can be modified or adapted to help reduce the physical stress associated with gardening for older people.

Suggestions include:

  • Using vertical planting to make garden beds accessible for planting and harvesting – try using wall and trellis spaces
  • Raising garden beds to avoid stooping and bending
  • Using retractable hanging baskets, wheelbarrows and containers on castors for movable and elevated garden beds
  • Finding adaptive tools and equipment – available from some hardware shops
  • Using foam, tape and plastic tubing to modify existing tools for a better grip
  • Using lightweight tools which are easier to handle
  • Providing shade areas and a suitable chair for working in summer months
  • Having stable chairs and tables to use for comfortable gardening
  • Making sure there is a tap nearby or consider installing a drip feeder system for easy watering

For older people living in a unit or apartment complex without their own garden it is easy to bring a touch of green indoors. Ideas include creating a cluster of mid-size plants in a spare space, planting a herb garden, creating a mini-garden in pots on a windowsill or a maintenance-free terrarium in an old glass or plastic container. Or start simply by nurturing a small collection of succulents.

Join us in October for our Succulents Garden Workshop and create a l0w-maintenance garden. All tools & supplies provided. Don’t miss out – call Jubilee’s Activities Officer Vicki on 3871 3220 and book now!


Childhood experiences set Dr D’urso on path to activism and academia

For Jubilee client Dr Salvatore (Ted) D’Urso knowing your history and culture is vitally important. That philosophy is one which has driven his actions on both a personal and an academic note, leading to numerous publications about his family life and fields of study – education and politics.

Salvatore has released his latest book Outlook Critical: Essays On My Political Journey, to record his family history. “I have four gorgeous grandchildren and the best thing I can do for them is to write down my memoirs and where I came from,” Salvatore said. While the memoirs were never meant to be published as a book, a friend suggested its content about Salvatore’s wider cultural and political journey could be valuable to a larger audience. “And so my memoirs accidentally came out as a book,” Salvatore said.

Born in Sicily in 1928, Salvatore’s family moved to Innisfail in 1931. He then moved to Brisbane for university earning five degrees in teh next 20-odd years. It was in his early university days that Salvatore began mixing with radicals, leading to a PHD about student radical movements on Australian university campuses and the remarkable journey of activism highlighted in Outlook Critical.

Salvatore pursued a teaching career, later becoming a Teachers College lecturer which then led to academic appointments at the University of New England and the University of Queensland where he remained until his retirement in 1993.

Along the way he founded a journal titled Discourse: Australian Journal of Educational Studies, which has now become the international journal Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education. Other books were published including Counterpoints: Critical Writings on Australian Education, and Changes, Issues and Prospects in Australian Education.

It was Salvatore’s childhood that forged his interest in activism, education and politics. “It was because of the racism when I was growing up,” Salvatore said. “We were taught to be ashamed of our (Italian) names and so I never used it. It sparked something in me and that was the beginning of my radicalism.”

“But I am really culturally conservative and by culture I mean academic works, ” Salvatore said. “Young people should be introduced to the best that has been thought and done in our culture.”