Jubilee launches seniors’ online services

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Jubilee launches seniors’ online services

At Jubilee Community Care we believe in being there for you, even when we are not supporting you in person in your own home. As such, Jubilee is now delivering online services to keep you connected, healthy, active, and to improve your sense of wellbeing.

We have partnered with local businesses who provide specialist teaching and classes online on a range of topics, all at a low cost.

The online services are open to Jubilee clients as well as seniors in the community, with time at the end of each session to discuss the day’s content and build new friendships if you wish to stay online.

To take part all you need to do is connect to the classes on your computer or tablet with the instructions provided once you register. It’s easy.

Two classes start in mid-July so register as soon as possible. The classes include:

Diet and Nutrition Education with partner Food Solutions: Learn how to stay healthy, meet your nutritional needs and continue enjoying meal times as you age. Topics include your changing nutrition needs, malnutrition and hydration, easy convenience foods, how to eat well on a budget, modified diets and chronic health, and more. The program will run over three sessions at 10am on July 14, August 11 and September 8. Cost is from $12.50 per session.

Mindful Connections with partner Conscious Beginnings: Join online mindfulness sessions and learn effective strategies to improve your wellbeing, reduce stress and enjoy life to the fullest. Key topics to be discussed include a definition of mindfulness, its key principles and scientifically proven benefits; understanding and managing stress effectively; finding meaning in life and dealing with isolation/loneliness; wellness habits for better sleep; and group discussions. The course, held weekly for six weeks, will begin at 10am on Wednesday, July 15 and continue to August 19. Cost is from $12.50 per session.

Bodymoves Exercise classes with partner Bodytrack Exercise Physiology: This gentle program is suitable for anyone who hasn’t exercised in a while or those wanting a low-to-moderate intensity exercise regime. Each session involves aerobic and resistance training, coordination and flexibility exercises, and balance training. Sessions are weekly on Tuesdays at 1.30pm. An assessment with Bodytrack is held before you begin. Cost is from $15 per session.

To find out more, to register for classes or let Jubilee know what you would like to see online, visit our online services page or phone us on 3871 3220.




Special birthday celebrations

Jubilee Community Care is in a very privileged position to care for some very special centenarians.

Jubilee clients Geoff and Nancy recently celebrated their 102nd birthdays – Geoff on May 26 and Nancy on June 20.

Our birthday congratulations and well wishes go to Nancy and Geoff.




Jubilee Wanderers activities update

The Jubilee Wanderers activities program is still suspended due to COVID-19 although we are hoping that our buses and wonderful day trips will resume soon.

Our activities coordinator Vicki has been champing at the bit to get out and about again but even when activities do resume the numbers on buses will be limited.

Also still suspended is our exercise and hydrotherapy classes. Participants will be notified when they recommence.

Your patience at this time is appreciated.



Ekka Show Day public holiday changes

There will be changes to services provided by Jubilee Community Care on Friday, August 14 – the Brisbane Ekka Show Day public holiday.

Essential services of personal care, medication assistance and meal preparation will be provided on these days while domestic assistance, social support, respite and shopping services will not be.

Also the office will be closed on this public holiday. For information phone the Jubilee office on 3871 3220.




Free seniors activities set to resume

Anne, Sandra and Sandra were having a ball in the cooking program before COVID-19 forced its suspension earlier this year.


Jubilee Community Care is set to relaunch its innovative Stay Connected project after restrictions around COVID-19 forced its suspension.

The project is expected to resume soon and interest in its programs is now being taken. Stay Connected includes four free education and exercise programs conducted by local businesses that Jubilee has partnered with.

Collectively, the four programs will form a pilot study by the University of Queensland whose researchers will gather data, evaluate and publish the findings of the benefits of seniors attending the innovative activities.

The Stay Connected Project, funded by the Department of Health, includes:

Cooking for One or Two – Presented by Food Solutions: Dieticians will provide lessons in basic cooking, nutrition and healthy ageing in a positive social environment. There will be nutritious cooking demonstrations and you get to share meals with participants during the six-week program.

Mindful Connections: Develop life skills for meaningful relationships and wellbeing – Presented by Conscious Beginnings: This training and coaching aims to empower and support older people to reduce their isolation and improve their wellbeing, resilience, mental health and self-care. It will run for eight weeks.

Body Moves – Presented by BodyTrack Exercise Physiology: This targets functional strength, falls prevention and social interaction, which helps to maintain independence and improve quality of life. The eight-week program includes an initial assessment and one 30-minute session each week. Participants require clearance from their doctor to take part.

♦ SAFER Driver Situation Awareness Training – Presented by University of the Sunshine Coast: This program provides participants with online training to help drivers identify and skilfully react to potential road hazards. Access to a computer and internet is needed but only basic computer knowledge is required.

All programs are open to seniors 65+ with good general health and who are socially active. They are also open to Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders aged 50+. Participants can register for one or multiple programs and must have their own transport.

For more information or to register your interest please phone Jubilee Community Care on 3871 3220 or email events@jccagedcare.org.au