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Easy breezie way to stay connected

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Breezie gives you access to your favourite apps at the touch of your fingers.


Jubilee Community Care has been liaising with Telstra on a potential project called Breezie. This project helps seniors stay in touch with loved ones and gives them access to information and entertainment using a tablet computer that has been designed for older users. Breezie is already working well in the UK and USA.

Benefits of Breezie
Breezie enables seniors to engage in activities they like and to stay close to the people and things that matter most to them. Breezie’s customised set-up means each device can be personalised to suit the individual’s context, digital literacy, physical conditions and cognitive abilities.

Family members and the senior themselves can update and customise the experience from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Breezie is designed for seniors with little or no computer experience, allowing them to browse the web, send emails, video chat and more. In fact, the software has had success across users aged 63-104 years, many who are first-time computer users.

Breezie has a well-established senior friendly support team that answers questions from users and occasionally calls them to ask if they need help or support.

Engaged Living
Mental engagement is one of the keys to ageing well. Breezie helps seniors to lead happier, healthier lives by providing applications, content, and services for ongoing mental engagement. These can help reduce depression and anxiety.

Games provide recreational fun and ensure seniors exercise their brain – such as Mah-jong assisting memory and matching. This engagement can increase mental wellbeing, self-esteem, and socialisation by encouraging seniors to challenge their family or friends to the games.

Reconnecting with Loved Ones
Keeping socially engaged is just as important to healthy ageing. Breezie introduces seniors to the benefits of online social interaction with applications like Facebook, Skype, and email, helping to supplement human interaction. Providing these touchpoints, and keeping seniors connected to their family and caregivers, keeps them mentally engaged and active.

There is a cost of $100 per month which provides for Breezie to be set up individually for you, familiarisation in using the tablet, 6GB of data and access to a support team with any questions and queries that you may have from time to time.

Payment can be added to your monthly invoice from Jubilee. For Home Care Package clients, the cost can be part of how you spend your budget as part of your services.

Please phone Jubilee Community Care on 3871 3220 for more information.

Invitation to Jubilee’s AGM

You are invited to Jubilee Community Care Inc’s Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, October 10, 2017.

The meeting will start at 6pm at Wests Districts Rugby Football Club, Memorial Park, Sylvan Rd, Toowong.

Before the business of the AGM, a buffet will be served followed by a presentation from guest speaker Emeritus Professor Stella O’Donnell AO, former Professor of Pharmacology, University of Queensland.

To attend the AGM phone 3871 3220 or email admin@jccagedcare.org.au by Friday, September 29.

Meet support worker Mary


Tell us a bit about yourself.
I was born in Adelaide and then moved to New Guinea at the age of 17. I moved to Queensland in 1980. I have five children and am involved in Tibetan Buddhism and also ride a motorbike. I have been working in the aged and disability care sector for 24 years in varying degrees.

What do you love about working at Jubilee?
I have found Jubilee to be a very caring and professional place. We the employees have all of the support we need in every situation. The office is always a happy, vibrant place to walk in to.

How would you describe your role?
My role as a support worker is to always be aware of the needs of our clients, workplace health and safety issues, and to be caring and professional.

What’s something that makes you smile?
Something that makes me smile is that actress Jodie Whittaker is the new Dr Who on television. Also, people being kind to each other.

What’s something you’ve learned working for Jubilee?
I find in my role at Jubilee I am supported in every instance.

Which do you like more, sweet or savoury?
Savoury, I like things zesty!

Maximise your home care budget

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When you become a Home Care package client, a personalised care plan and budget unique to your needs are created.  This budget summarises how your funding is to be spent based on the things that are most important to you.

The importance of maximising your budget can not be downplayed. You are entitled to get the most out of your budget and make your care package count towards services that matter to you.

Home care packages are delivered on a ‘consumer directed care’ basis. This gives you and your carer more power to influence the design and delivery of the services you receive.  Our Client Support Coordinators are here to oversee your care and help you get the most out of your package. They work with you to:

  • Identify your needs and goals and ensure they are being met, and talking to you if you feel they have changed;
  • Create your care or support plan with you and your family;
  • Conduct ongoing monitoring and formal reviews to ensure care and services continue to meet your needs; and
  • Explain your package funding, breaking down how your funds are spent, and going through monthly statements with you.

Our Client Support Coordinators play an important role in working with you to maximise your funding to create a budget that will cater to all your wants and needs now and in the future.

Unspent Funds

While it is important to have funds available in unspent funds, a Client Support Coordinator can help you maximise your budget and direct all available funds to your wellbeing and care.  If you notice an increase in your Unspent Funds on monthly statements, talk to us.

There are lots of creative ways you can put these funds to good use, while still having a little tucked away for that unexpected situation.

When you are thinking about what you would like to spend your funding on, get creative. There are ways to add value to your life that you may not have even thought about yet.  Do you think an iPad would help you keep in touch with the family? Does your air conditioner need replacing? Is there an art class you have always wanted to take? Is there an outing you would like to attend where we can organise transport to get you there? Could you use an extra social support service or two to get Christmas shopping done?

Technically, a budget surplus is money sitting unused. Work with our Client Support Coordinators to use the funds to your benefit.

Other Services

Aside from direct care that can keep you healthy and happy at home, there are other services that can make life easier and more enjoyable. A Client Support Coordinator is a valuable font of information about what is available locally, and can also help connect you to other services.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and talk about your wants and needs. There are many different ways you can use your funding; chances are our Client Support Coordinators will have a whole heap of ideas themselves.