Support when Ann needed it

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Support when Ann needed it

After a couple of injuries leading up to Christmas, I could no longer drive my car. I asked Jubilee Community Care (local not-for-profit aged care service provider) for help with my shopping. Without a car, I could not have walked loaded up to the nearest bus stop or get to the shopping centre. I found their support absolutely indispensable. They were beautiful people, their compassion and concern were enormous as was their efficiency. What impressed me most was that whoever was selecting and organising them must have been a “super dooper” staff selector for I can speak extremely highly of their staff and whoever chooses and organises them.
Thank you one and all. I hope in similar cicumstances to use Jubilee Community Care again. – Ann, 74, Taringa

Medical Professionals found out how to Stay Standing

Jubilee Community Care invited our local medical professionals to find out about Stay Standing over breakfast last month.

Our speakers were Monique King, Stay Standing Founder, Physiotherapist and Falls Prevention Expert and Tim Douge,
Exercise Physiologist, Director of Iridium Health and Stay Standing Master Trainer. Tim and Monique are pictured below with our Director Shaun and Client Support Manager Nicky.

Monique and Tim explained the science behind Stay Standing, which has helped over 120 of Jubilee Community Care’s clients over the last five years. It is Australia’s first nationally quality accredited falls prevention program and is registered with the Healthy Living Network. It is a best-practice, person-centric approach for reducing falls risk and strengthening Primary Care and community provider partnerships.

It was a wonderful session, greatly received and attended by medical professionals including local GPs, hospital staff and nurses – all with the intention of providing better falls prevention strategies to our elder community members. They learnt how the life Stay Standing results driven program focuses on strategies to help reduce the risk of falls, allowing people in their later years to continue living at home. The program is over 8 weeks and is held 4 times a year with the following focus:

  • Week 1: Assessment with Monique or Tim & home program of exercises to prevent falls
  • Week 2: Falls contingency planning, SMART goals & managing chronic pain
  • Week 3: Managing continence with a Nurse & Healthy bones with a Dietitian
  • Week 4: Safety at home with an Occupational Therapist and Vision with an Optometrist
  • Week 5: Footwear to stay safe and comfortable on your feet with a Podiatrist & Safety away from home with the Queensland Police Service
  • Week 6: Managing medication & sleep with a Pharmacist
  • Week 7: 1st Aid with Queensland Ambulance Service including recognising common senior emergencies
  • Week 8: Exercise review & outcomes with Tim or Monique & Celebration.

April is Queensland’s “no falls” month – so Stay Standing and join us on our next course, which starts on Friday, 12th May. Call Sandy on 07 3871 3220 to find out more.

Meet Volunteer Jess

by Volunteer Lauren

Jess has been volunteering for Jubilee for over 8 months now and has become an integral part of the Marketing team working with Nathalie. Jess’ help is absolutely invaluable and we’re very lucky that she donates two mornings a week to us.

Jess is studying Business, Creative Industries, Marketing Management and Interactive and Visual Design at QUT full time and also works as a fully qualified gymnastics coach.

What do you love about volunteering with Jubilee?
I have absolutely loved volunteering with Nathalie at Jubilee. What I have been able to do with Jubilee in the last 8 months has been so valuable, especially because I have been able to relate it all to my University degree. The company is more like a family and I love being able to work with everyone and always feel welcomed and comfortable.
What’s something that makes you smile?
The passion everyone at Jubilee has for helping their clients and wanting to do the absolute best job they can to get everyone what they need. I love my dogs, their unconditional love and cute, fluffy cuddles makes me feel so happy! They always know if I need some company and always love my scratches.
What’s something you’ve learned volunteering with Jubilee?
I have had so many invaluable experiences throughout my time with Jubilee. I have been fascinated to learn more about Marketing and Design and how important it is that they work together in Business. I also love that I have learnt so much about the ageing community in Brisbane and how much Jubilee does to suport and care for the older generations.
What do you like more, sweet or savoury?
I love sweet! Especially ice-cream and chocolate, yum!

Would you like to volunteer? Email us today, we would love to hear from you!

Living with Dementia

by Volunteer Lauren

Last month was the launch of the Living with Dementia Support & Information Sessions. The first meeting was at the Toowong Bowls Club and it was a full house with guests of all ages and varying experiences with dementia, as well as representatives from Jubilee Community Care and Ozcare. Pictured below are some of the attendees – from left to right: Shilpi, Lorraine, Mary Ann, Catherine, Ann, Ric, Ann and Karyn.

Catherine and Shilpi, our dementia experts, kicked things off with an in-depth explanation of dementia and the potentially different journeys those living with it might experience. Dementia is the umbrella term to describe over 100 diseases and symptoms with 60 to 80% of diagnosed cases being Alzheimer’s. It is a collection of symptoms explained our dementia experts. They showed the group pictures of a healthy brain versus a brain affected by dementia, which was shrunken and had holes in it. They went on to explain that the symptoms depend on what part of the brain has been affected as can the length from diagnosis through to the passing away of the person affected can vary greatly. It was a great opportunity for guests to share their personal stories of diagnoses of dementia and to get answers to some of their questions. The information session finished off with some practical information on the support available to those living with dementia. Over morning tea, there were some great conversations between guests living with dementia, carers and our team. The whole morning gave guests a chance to talk in a supportive environment about something that can be very personal.

It was a great start to the series of sessions, which will be running bi-monthly throughout the year. The next meeting will centre around ways to manage some of the communication challenges that can be part of living with dementia.

Next free session is Tuesday, April 4 from 10am to noon at Toowong Bowls Club.