Meet Jubilee’s Support Workers

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Meet Jubilee’s Support Workers

At Jubilee, we are proud of our record in employing and retaining staff who are caring, well-trained and provide older people and their families with education and support. We do not rely on a pool of casual employees. The majority of our staff are permanent and their work life balance is something that the management team encourage all employees to embrace with flexible work options available. So staff choose the days and hours to support their home life. It is important to Jubilee to nurture relationships between staff, clients and their families as being supported in your own home is something that takes great trust and therefore we invest in the right people for you. Our team take great pride in matching support workers to clients based on schedules, needs and skills. By having a permanent team we are able to provide continuity in our clients’ care.

Here’s a little overview of Jubilee’s support workers.


We need you!

Do you have some time to donate to us and help us in the office, at home or out and about? Just an afternoon a week or a day or two a month? We are hoping to find skilled volunteers to help us with the following:

  • photography: take pictures for us to use in telling our story.
  • filming: take some moving pictures at high resolution so that we can tell our story to even more people.
  • writer to write stories for our blog and newsletter: interview staff and clients on what’s happening in the Jubilee world.
  • social media contributor: do live videos, post on social media sites and help us share our story.
  • activities assistants: help Vicki on activities.
  • shopping centre ambassadors: would you like to run an aged care information desk once a month in your local shopping centre?


Happy volunteer senior couple smiling at the camera on a sunny d


Tech Savvy Seniors

It was such a pleasure to have one on one help, made things much easier for me to learn. Very grateful to Telstra for doing this for us. ~ Rosie

Six months ago Telstra started on a journey with Jubilee Community Care’s clients to help them understand and use tablets. “I knew nothing at the start”, stated Gloria but Telstra’s volunteers worked with her to change this.

We’re living in a digital age but many older Australians are being left behind and lack the skills to take advantage of being connected. With almost half of older Australians not online, more than 2.3 million people, Telstra has partnered with Government to give older people the opportunity to develop skills and confidence to use technology.

Over the last six months, Telstra volunteers have dedicated one on one sessions to our clients.

It’s been very helpful and I can now do lots of things on my tablet and I use it a lot more now. ~ Gloria

Every month, they met at the Toowong Bowls Club who donated a room for them to learn in and they met Telstra volunteers with all their questions. As their knowledge progressed, they would practice and bring more questions the next month.

I have learnt so many things that I didn’t know about. I now use my iPad when I am travelling, and it helps me communicate in foreign countries. I’ve been very impressed with the session and the Telstra Volunteers. ~ Myra

At every meeting the room would be buzzing with the thirst for knowledge and the thrill of learning something new and useful. Our clients would huddle with their Telstra volunteer and learn as much as possible. So much so that morning tea would be ignored and our volunteers would need to take the pastries around to each table. If you know any of our community, you will know how rare this is!

I learnt a lot, and learnt something new every time. I now much more confident using my computer. ~ Jean

Small steps to tech savvy seniors, thank you Telstra!

The most amazing mornings, so helpful and my Telstra volunteer helped me no end. Just excellent. ~ Paul

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