Did our Jubilee Wanderers break the world record?

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Did our Jubilee Wanderers break the world record?

After weeks of rehearsing, the big day arrived. Our Jubilee Wanderers did a flash mob in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall to celebrate Seniors Week. We didn’t know who would turn up, if anyone would take note or even if we would all get stage fright.

The music started and we got going. The age range went to 100 and we all had a ball. We had people jumping in from the crowd to join us, everyone got their cameras out, Sergeant Sarminento did a freestyle with our Choreographer Alyssa from Busy Beats Fitness and Dance and we brought tears to a lot of peoples eyes. Why? Because we reminded everyone of the loved ones that are still with them and those that they have lost – the grandparents, friends and parents that mean so much to us. Seniors are as much part of our community as everyone else and the Jubilee Wanderers won everyone’s heart with their love of life, enthusiasm and fearlessness of taking on performing a dance in the middle of such a busy city center.

When the performance finished every dancer posed for pictures upon pictures, did interviews with Channel 7 and just enjoyed speaking to everyone who came up to them congratulating them. They became sensations in that moment and brought joy to so many people.

Then Channel 10 came running up and asked for an encore, which of course was done with much gusto and followed up with more interviews and touching the hearts of more people as they stopped their busy day to watch this group of people having fun in the middle of the mall and smile at the fun these people of all ages had coming together. This was followed up with more congratulations as well as more pictures and more crying.

Each dancer is on a high and we are so proud of them. They really are an inspiration to us all. Watch this space as we may have broken the world record for the oldest flash mob.

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