Seniors Week Flash Mob

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Seniors Week Flash Mob


It’s on for young and old. Let’s get Seniors week on the TV this year with a flash mob for all ages from teens to centenarians!!! Are you ready???

The Jubilee Wanderers, activities group organised by local not for profit aged care service provider Jubilee Community Care, are inviting you to join them with a really easy routine to flash mob Brisbane’s Queen Street mall outside the Wintergarden at 12 noon on Wednesday 17 August.

Learn the routine today:

…it’s going to be so much fun! Come and have a little boogie and if you want to show off for the cameras (safely) we encourage that too!

If you just want to come along and cheer the Jubilee Wanderers on – we want you too!!!

Dress code:
Wear anything you’re comfortable in (or if it’s your lunch break come in your work clothes) add something orange and then rock it out to some funky tunes!

About Seniors Week:
Seniors Week is an opportunity for Queenslanders of all ages to join together and celebrate the valuable contributions of older people. We just want to get all members of our community and all ages together in one big dance off!

About Busy Beats:
Busy Beats is a newly established, Brisbane based provider of fitness and dance programs for primary schools. In the coming months, Busy Beats will be expanding to also offer adult fitness programs. Alyssa is absolutely thrilled to have been asked to choreograph and help get the Brisbane community together for Seniors Week in such an innovative way!

About the Jubilee Wanderers:
Based in the Western suburbs of Brisbane, Jubilee Community Care is enriching later life by providing personalised services, community connections, education and support for older people and their families. Jubilee is small, local and takes great pride in their highly educated support workers who are individually matched to their clients. The Jubilee Wanderers is a group that keeps our seniors active in our community. One week they might be wine tasting, the next visiting animals or having fish and chips on the beach… Life is never boring for the Jubilee Wanderers. The oldest Wanderer has just turned 100 and will be flash mobbing with her crew!

Hope you can join us!

RSVP through our Facebook Event!

Would you like to volunteer?

We are looking for the following people:
– Volunteer Mini Bus Driver
– Volunteer Activities Assistant
– Ambassadors in Shopping Centres
– Volunteer Coordinator.
Can you help us for a few hours a week or know someone who can? Please email us at


We are investing in you!

As your local nonprofit aged care provider, Jubilee Community Care is actively investing in our community, clients and staff by doing the following:

1. We are investing in our highly skilled workforce by training them above industry standards on an annual basis and providing them with professional development supported by specialised trainers as well as empowering them with specific and in depth chronic illness training, which include but aren’t limited to diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia, heart disease and arthritis.
2. Unusually for our industry, the majority of our workforce are permanent part time staff so that we can provide you with continuity of your care and support services. This also provides job security for our staff. This is something that we think is important to providing the best possible care and support services to you.
3. We are also supporting our local community by providing and investing in our activities program. Over 40 hours of activities per week are delivered where we pick our clients up, take them, the affectionately known Jubilee Wanderers, out on a fun activity and drop them back home safely. We are hoping to expand on this and will keep you in the loop via this monthly newsletter.

If we can help you in any way please email us or call us on 07 3871 3220.


Our Strategic Plan

As you know, we’ve just finished the end of one financial year and are embarking on the next. At Jubilee we want to continue to better ourselves and our services for our clients. We have a vision of older people in our community living safe, healthy, active and fulfilled lives. We have decided that our continued purpose is to be enriching later life by providing personalised services, community connections, education and support for older people and their families.

We want Jubilee Community Care to be known as:
1. A flexible, innovative and well-managed organisation – one that older people and their families can trust and depend on.
2. Providing personalised, consistent and reliable services to clients who choose the timing and nature of the support they want.
3. Supporting older people to live at home or with their families, helping them to stay connected and engaged in the community.
4. Employing and retaining staff who are caring, well-trained and provide older people and their families with the education and support they need or are seeking.

During the next few years we hope to share initiatives that will empower people using aged care services.


102 years of age and 24 years of support from us

Mrs Quinn, veteran widow and a client of ours for just under a quarter of a century is going in to residential care near her family on the Fraser Coast just before her 103rd birthday. Much to Mrs Quinn’s disappointment as she doesn’t want to leave her home yet but she is pleased that she’ll see her family more often.

Mrs Quinn became a client of Jubilee Community Care after having a fall and breaking her hip. In order for her to return home, her family engaged our services. 24 years on, we were still a part of Mrs Quinn’s life and her of ours.

Everyone at Jubilee knows Mrs Quinn and the stories are full of warmth and laughter. Pam, our Finance Administrator Assistant, who has been with us 10 years, bonded with Mrs Quinn when she was a care worker for her as they both wore the perfume “Paris”. Our Client Support Manager Nicky, who is celebrating 9 years with Jubilee this year, was also Mrs Quinn’s care worker and then her coordinator. Nicky has only fond things to say about the wonderful centenarian.

“Mum became very attached to some of her carers and on the other hand was not backward in letting us know that she didn’t like some others. I was always told that someone was coming from Jubilee, so not to park my car in the carport. Her 100th birthday was a great celebration and I would like to thank Jubilee for their participation on that happy occasion. We have a wonderful book of memories prepared and printed by your organisation. She is really amazing for her age and we are only too happy to recommend Jubilee Community Care for their care for nearly a quarter of a century, in which time some dozen or more carers have been involved with Mrs Veronica Mary Quinn. Once again thank you for your care and interest.” ~ Suzanne, Mrs Quinn’s daughter.

We will all miss her greatly but wish Mrs Quinn and her family all the best! Thank you for being part of Jubilee’s history Mrs Quinn.